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Cartridge, Wheels, Repair Kits

Akden Turbo keeps stocks of all kinds of original turbo and spare parts and provides your orders within the shortest time.

Basically Turbocharger consists of 6 main parts:


  1. Turbine Housing: It is the part of Turbo which is connected to the exhaust manifold, it is resistant to high temperatures, water cooled types also available.


   2. Bearing Housing: Is in the middle of Turbo and its material is similar to turbine housing. Provides the bedding of shaft and wheel, keeps the turbine housings together and has oil entrance/exit holes. Interior has a grooved structure for ease of lubrication. Water cooled types also available.         

3. Compressor Housing: Part of the turbo which connects to the compressor manifold. It is not exposed to high temperatures, so unlike turbine housing, it is made of aluminum instead of strong alloys.

  4. Compressor Wheel: Made of aluminum and is delicate. Tiniest foreign object causes damage on the wheel and loss of balance. Wheel is the part sending pressurized air to the engine.

 5. Shaft and Wheel: Since it is subject to continuous torsional moment and extreme heat, it is made of very strong material with nickel alloy. Shaft is welded to the wheel with special thermal treatment and these two will not detach. It is the transfer element which provides conversion of kinetic energy of exhaust gas to rotational energy.



  6. Repair Kit: Rings, seals, screws etc inside the Turbo.